SlurryFlo control valves center abrasive flow within the pipe. These valves will outlast anything you’ve ever used.

SlurryFlo’s patented trim design acts as a variable orifice, centering the abrasive flow within the pipe. This protects the pressure containing valve body and the integrity of the downstream piping.

There are no ‘off-the-shelf’ SlurryFlo control valves; each one is manufactured with a unique seat plate design. Based on application requirements and SlurryFlo’s proprietary sizing calculations, the seat plate is waterjet cut and CNC machined to our engineers’ exact specifications.

SlurryFlo’s design philosophy is to achieve an ‘equilinear’ valve characteristic; however any custom flow characteristic can be achieved. There are literally infinite trim geometry possibilities. If flow conditions change over time, SlurryFlo can retrofit the existing valve with a new/revised seat plate. An alternate Cv and/or flow characteristic can be achieved without changing any other parts.